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Namas Yoga
I can’t say enough to express how brilliant Nam is.  Her background and training mean that she is actually knowledgeable in both physiology and yoga – she’s not just all wishy washy and flouncy with her chakras.  Nams isn’t put off by working with people who are in a bit of a state (like me) and finds it challenging and interesting. I’ve been seeing Nams for over a year now and when I first started yoga with her I was in constant pain with my back problems (three damaged vertebra). My spine didn’t move and my shoulders were up by my ears. I couldn’t twist or turn or bend down to put my shoes on.  I had no flexibility at all!  Over time Nams worked with me doing exercises to strengthen my back and my core in weekly one-to-one yoga sessions and now my spine moves and I am much more flexible and pain free.  The one-to-one sessions are really important to me as it means the yoga is tailored to my needs.  The sessions seem to go so quickly as Nam introduces a lot of variety which is good for me as I get bored very easily and she has a great sense of humor so we laugh at lot.  On top of all this Nam is one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.

– Susan S

Namas Y

‘Nams makes yoga into an art form, it is beautiful to watch Nams and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing yoga teacher.  I love the smaller class environment, the classes are progressive and I feel I’m getting a great workout but best of all if you go to the class feeling stressed or not in the right frame of mind you always leave feeling light, free and rejuvenated both in body and mind…thanks Nam X’

– Emma B

Namas Yoga

‘Nam’s yoga class is the highlight of my week as it allows me to chill out and de-stress. It restores my equanimity! The class is always a mixture of fun, challenges and relaxation. Her instructions for each yoga pose are clear and precise but with the flexibility to go at your own pace and to move in your own way. She accepts everyone, no matter what stage they are at in their yoga practice. She is able to support beginners while challenging intermediates and the more advanced practitioner, with lots of laughs along the way! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.’

– Helen T

Namas Yoga

‘I’ve know Nam since December 2010 when we both started the RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Qualification. Nam has adjusted me in different Yoga poses delivering such an intense and deep knowledge of the poses that helped me understand the poses to a very high level. Nam is a affable person, beautiful soul and with such a capacity of teaching and delivering information. I am so glad I got to know Nam as I have learnt and am still learning a lot from her. Nam is an extraordinary and very talented teacher who, I believe, will be go very far in her teaching career.’

– Martino Scovacricchi (Musician and Yoga teacher)

Namas Yoga

‘I took a course of One-to-One Yoga sessions with Nam to get me back into yoga after recovering from work-related RSI in my wrists. The free consultation was informal and friendly, and full of all the information I needed to know with Nam being more than happy to answer my questions. Choosing private tuition with Nam was a great decision. The lessons were really tailored to my ability level and she was always mindful of providing modifications for any postures that may have affected my wrists. Not only did I see an improvement in the strength and flexibility of my wrists (and everywhere else!). I felt much more confident about my practice and myself in general. I’m now attending regular group yoga classes – something I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing before the private tuition.’

– Beth E

Namas Yoga

‘Her well planned classes seamlessly works through a variety of postures that suit all levels of ability from complete beginners to the more accomplished members of the class, who have been practicing yoga for some time. Nam skilfully offers excellent technical advice and assistance, enabling everyone to safely gain the maximum benefit from any particular posture she asks us to hold.’

– Steve Johansen (Yoga teacher)

Namas Yoga

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